Cancellation Policies

Itmarg Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Cancellation policies

The amount will not be transferred to the respected retailer until the user receives the product he orders and changes his status to 'Delivered' on If the delivery fails within the specified deadline, the order will be cancelled and the amount will be refunded to the user.
If the user places the order and due to some reason (unexpected lack of inventory or any other reason) the retailer is not able to ship the product, the order will be cancelled and the amount will be refunded.
If the seller reports order as shipped and delivered from their side and the user does not raise an alert within 2 days the money would be transferred to the seller.

Disclaimer: Itmarg Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a service provider. Itmarg Solutions Pvt. Ltd., through its logistics partners collect the goods ordered by customers and have them delivered to the customers. Itmarg Solutions Pvt. Ltd. disclaims any liability if the vendor fails to make the requested goods available for delivery.